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Friday, May 8, 2009

juste entre nous

The lap of God the Father seek

Henceforth all sin expunge

When those of whom we dare not speak

Shant scarcely scar the tongue

That Jesus urges to withhold

Especially when offended

And unappreciation rules

Relationships resplendent

We snap, we shun, we taunt and bait

Love closest to our core

With crooked straight dishonesty

Court loneliness so poor

The walls erected solemnly

Protecting all that's fresh

Our minds rehearsed and taught and churched

Till lost is tenderness

The lives we live in solitude

Are lives that could have blessed

So many more, including we

Ourselves malnourished nests

Striving to be other

Than souls were meant to be

We finally come to realize

The historicity

But add it all together

Community achieved

Shall bless us exponentially

God through us meets all need