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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trane Of Thought 3 Jazz Gospel Waltzing

Creativity and improvisation; as God created all that is, ex nihilo - out of nothingness, sculpting what I know as reality out of that which could not be, before my parched awareness was made to swim and dance amid the eternal rhythm of His divine perfection. Hallelujah! Swing! Like Elvin in a mist of blue upon a K Zildjian never again to sing sweet colors, the truth is what I hear and think and know to be the answer to my prayer. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for symmetry among the chaos, beauty for ashes, and a perfect way to a perfect truth that leads to a prefect life here and now in this war. Picasso knew and Rodin too. Snap a shot before the grass withers and dies, before the vapor vanishes in the wisp of a forgotten moment unable to remain. Sustain that instant in the tone and the timbre of a purely tuned tom while others tarry, carried along by the insidious base emotions that so ensnare the hearts of men as beauty enters. The center of more chaste delights than offered in this world waits up yonder in the room of Christ's abode. And so, I linger here listening to Coltrane once again as only my Lord can make the crooked places straight within the narrow gate that beckons now as ever, the day eternally progressing onward to the night of my life. This; this is who I am; a listener through the all of God’s perfection full of grace, may His mercy lead me on to see His face. Amen.

© 2007-2011 Brian L Hunter