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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Constantine's Conversion Part One

Just speculating here, but, I understand that Constantine had been a sun worshiper prior to his conversion to Christianity. I also read that Constantine was baptized by a man named Eusebius who was said to be a false teacher who believed many of the things that Jehovah's Witnesses believe today. The delay of his baptism was probably so as not to waste the "magic" of baptism, which he understood washes away sins. An emperor can hardly live a blameless life, right? And there are many charges on Constantine's sin tab - such as the unexplained execution of his eldest son and his second wife. I think Constantine's conversion was as sincere as possible, given his incomplete and immature understanding of what it means to know Christ and be converted by God's Word in order to receive God's gift of salvation. Only God knows the genes, heritage, experiences lived, thoughts, longings, hopes, etc. of a man or woman. Perhaps we shall see Constantine face to face in heaven and have a chance to ask him what his motives truly were.

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