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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Exaltation of God Above Politics

Considering that family members no more than two generations removed were enslaved, raped, and treated like cattle under the first fifteen presidents of the United States of America, countless African Americans yet trusted God's Word rather than openly disrespect the office of the US presidency. My prayer is that some people would keep this in mind before failing to bridle their tongues and offending people who differ no matter what the differences may be (James 1:26). Jesus prayed that His beloved be one as Father and Son are one (John 17:21). The secret ballot policy in America respects this prayer whereas openly sharing my political views from every mountaintop, especially from the pulpit, runs counter to God's will. May the grace of our Lord be with you all, regardless of political affiliation, now and always in Jesus' name.

Disclaimer: Brian Hunter has not posted such maniacal ideas anywhere except on his very own blogs and social media pages (See Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and hence they are neither meant to be accepted doctrine, verified by any other human being within or without organized religion, agreed with by friends, or rubber-stamped by any person living or dead. 

© 2009 Brian L Hunter


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