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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Poema 115

Do I really need to tell you?
If God has made you awesomely, what is my mortal word?
The sun shines no less brightly if I wear the darkest shades.
And, liberty not taken, neither hinders nor affords
Vicissitudes regarding you and all your splendid charms imbued
Inherently with autumn hues and scent of ambergris,
Of pine, and moss, and morning dew upon a dale so green
And whispering, ever faintly.

In the background of pure minds
Are all the things you are to Him whose smile you satisfy.
So be not bored my love, my friend, for truth is not denied.
I’ll wait for you, forever now; this love I cannot hide.

For God has placed it deep within and thrown away the key.
No mountain, sea, or ocean shall prevent our wedding day.
Sleep on, sun shining brightly; burn on to meet the night.
I know I need not tell you this, my honest pure delight.

In Christ you live and move and have your being all in Him.
To me you are a dream come true, forgiven, new, and free.
And so I find myself now highly favored to the core, and
Existing in His mind with you, one flesh forevermore.

© 2009 Brian L Hunter